Adult Education

Adult Forum

During the program year (September through May) Sundays at 9:00 am in the Youth Room.  The Adult Forum is a great opportunity to explore issues of faith. One of the core values of the congregation affirms that learning is a life-long process. All adult members of the congregation are strongly encouraged to participate in the Adult Forum.  The nursery is open for very young children, and older kids are invited to spend the hour in supervised play with Legos and Plankos.

January 14: Dramatic Presentation: Galatians, Alan Tuchtenhagen
Many of the first hearers of Paul’s letter to the Galatians would have heard it read aloud as a full letter. Dr. David Rhoads, New Testament scholar, has committed the entire letter to memory. The forum will view a video of Dr. Rhoads presenting the letter as if her were Paul.

January 21 & 28: What’s your Spiritual Impact?  Rebecca Ferguson
Building on Pastor Chris’ recent forum on “Planning Your Good Funeral,” we will explore how we can share our spiritual insights with others now and at the end of our lives.  Based on Daniel Taylor’s Creating a Spiritual Legacy–and the reality that we all have stories and wisdom to offer to others, this will be an active workshop designed for all ages.  Come for either or both sessions. 

February 4: Serving the Community: SART, SART Resource People
SART is the Sexual Assault Response Team. SART provides medical exams, offers education and advocates for survivors of domestic abuse, human trafficking, and sexual exploitation in the St. Croix Valley community. Come to learn about SART’s work, vision, goals and challenges. Courtney Bouthilet and Ellen Honsa will lead the discussion.

February 11: Bible Study: The Transfiguration, Stacy Myers
The last Sunday after Epiphany focuses on Jesus’ transfiguration—a pivotal experience for Jesus’ closest disciples who saw and likely understood Jesus differently on the top of the mountain after the transfiguration event. Come to learn and talk about this story.

February 18: Considering God’s Armor, Evelyn Purdy
Ephesians 6:11-17 charges its readers to “take up the whole armor of God” to support one in right living. In order to understand the metaphor Paul employs, it is important to understand the nature of Roman military armor. Come for an interesting discussion.


Inquirer’s Class

Would you like to know more about the life and ministry of our church?

During this 90-minute class you will meet other newcomers to the congregation, learn more about our congregation, and find ways you can participate in our faith community.  Led by Pastor Chris and other church leaders, this is the first step in becoming a member of the church.  Lunch and childcare are provided.  Watch for the next session date.  Please sign up with the church office.

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