Picture the Bible

Calling the Disciples
What do you see in this image?
Where is Jesus?
Why are the fish important?
What is the man in front doing?

Picture the Bible
 is a collection of 36 images depicting Bible stories. The Picture the Bible artwork and its related books and curriculum are a creative, engaging way to foster bible literacy and interpretation, and encourage people to find their place in the unfolding drama of the Bible. Picture the Bible is applicable to a wide variety of congregational settings; connects worship, education, and mission; and provides a link between church and home.

These beautiful images:

  • Draws in viewers with exceptional-quality art.
  • Fosters biblical interpretation and increases biblical literacy.
  • Presents images chronologically or thematically.
  • Augments all types of Christian Education curricula.
  • Connects to a variety of educational settings.
  • Offers a strong connection between worship, education, and mission.
  • Provides an effective link between home and church through the books.

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